Saturday, January 5, 2013

I've been living in the Nicaragua for a year now which has made me nostalgic and feel the need to look back on the last year. 

January 2012: Enjoyed beautiful traditional dances at Diriamba's Fiestas San Patronales. 
February 2012: Visited Volcano Masaya. This is a photo looking down into the crater. The crater is so large that in order to get a photo of it all, you need to be in an airplane. Also this volcano is very active. Here it is steaming awful smelling sulfur and often shoots rocks and debris out. 

March 2012: Left training and nearly burned myself making No Bake cookies on the wood burning stove, in the corner there.This is a shot of the first house I lived in here. 

 April 2012: I moved to Somoto, Madriz and began my service. 
 May 2012: Friends and I swam through the beautiful Somoto Canyon! In this photo, a few Nicaraguan children were about to jump off the cliff. I did not to that. It's like 25 meters high!
 May 2012: I took care of this adorable kitten for my host brother that gave me fleas. 
 June 2012: I beheaded a cockroach after throwing my Chaco sandal at it. Other cool things happened but I'm really proud of this.  
 July 2012: A few of my favorite girls who I work with performed traditional dances at a festival in town. 
August 2012: My best friend Tonya and sister Crystal came to visit. And I took in that adorable puppy (in my arms here) who came on vacation with us too. Here we all are in beautiful Granada.

September 2012: My world is temporarily shattered when a thief steals my puppy. This photo was used on her Missing Dog flyers that advertised a monetary reward. The thief returned her for the reward so I had to pay him to get my own dog back. Jerk. 

Ocotober 2012: Awesome friends and I celebrated my birthday in beautiful Playa Gigante. Also, I held a random baby sea turtle that had hatched and was instinctively crawling his way to the water. Sara and I helped him out a little since he was lost on the rocks. 

November 2012: I met my first centipede here after he entered my room without an invite. Watch out, they sting, have venom, and are supposedly very aggressive. 

December 2012: I ended the year by returning home to gorgeous Washington state and reunited with my Lab loves. They didn't forget me at all! :)

Here's to a happy and healthy 2013 for us all... four legged friends included of course! 


Carli said...

Awww! Love that picture of you and the pup back home, how great!

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